Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers:


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Simplify your music listening by having your favourite Bluetooth ceiling speakers installed in your home, they are a great advantage for space saving in the home, some of these units are completely wireless with no running cables or amplifier needed, just install and play away,

Some units are wired which require an amplifier to power up the speakers, the amplifiers generally come with the package deal, and can also be mounted on to the wall for your convenience.

Also having music in those rooms in the house like the kitchen or bathroom where a normal stereo is just not adequate or safe having water close by, this is where ceiling speakers can be exceptionally handy,

They can also be wall mounted in some cases, especially in cases where the walls are made of plasterboard which will certainly help you with the fixing/mounting of the speaker’s much more easily than a solid brick wall which is going to be much more difficult to install.

Best Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers:

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These speakers are a great addition to any home and any party you may have in your home, let your friends hook up their favourite music straight from their mobile phone or any other Bluetooth enabled device like an i-pad or android, speakers are powered by the amplifier which in most cases have the ability to connect to FM stereo, play with USB – AUX or SD card,just plug in and play,

Easy installation supplied with mounting kit without the hassle of wires to install being Bluetooth enabled.

Bathroom Ceiling – Bluetooth speakers – Water Resistant.


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Bathroom ceiling speakers are a safe water resistant product which you simply mount into your ceiling at your home and enjoy listening to your music without the worry of getting them wet or getting an electric shock by bringing unsuitable devices into the bathroom, being remote control you can enjoy your bathing with no need to move to change tracks,

In most cases the amplifier will need to be protected from moisture but being Bluetooth this can usually be mounted outside the bathroom in a suitable place in the hallway usually on the other side of the bathroom wall would be an adequate position for it to be mounted on to, then simply use your remote control to play your music through the Ceiling Speakers


Ultra – Portable Wireless – Powerful Sound.

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This speaker will outclass other similar sized portable speakers so you can experience your music in high definition from up to 10 meters away.


These come as a pair of speakers, 1 active and 1 passive, They will work with all Bluetooth-enabled devices like smart- phones – tablets, it looks smart with its unique compact Matt design, A powerful install and play speaker delivering a quality sound for its ultra-portable size.


Rimless Ceiling Speakers 100w x 4:

rimless ceiling speakers

Almost invisible in any room in the home being rimless like most speakers, very easy to install having a template of 178-mm in the box to help with the fixing, powered by a digital power amplifier having remote control ability, comes with 10 meters of speaker cable connection via easy fit dog ears, includes a 2 year guarantee for your piece of mind, these speaker kits are a very popular choice among buyer choices.

This kit works just the same as usual Bluetooth kits do, up to 10 meters range in an open environment, peak power of 70 watts, built-in tweeter and woofer.

Commercial ceiling Speaker Kit x 8:

If you are looking for a larger kit for your business such as a cafe or restaurant bar, or gym or even swimming baths, these might well fit the bill, even if you have a larger room in the home where a small kit just won’t fill the room with the sound you want or need, then again this kit may well be the one you have been looking for, it has three stereo inputs including two mic inputs, USB inputs,

SD card input, also having the capability of FM stereo receiver,

commercial ceiling speakers

Two stereo line inputs on RCA, having an output power of 55-watts


The speakers themselves are moisture resistant but the amplifier is NOT, so the amp would need to be fitted in an appropriate dry place away from moisture or wet areas to run the kit without the fear of getting the amplifier wet and destroying your system, Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, comes with a manufactures warranty for your purchasing piece of mind.

These are also various available in kits of – 2 x speakers – OR – 4 x speakers, along with many other fantastic offers Can be found within Our eBay store.

Kitchen & Bathroom Ceiling Speakers:

Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

Very affordable kit which is going to be Great for the kitchen or bathroom or wet room in your home, moisture resistant ceiling mounted speakers with built in water resistant cones, perfect for commercial or domestic purposes where moisture or any kind of water may come into contact with the speakers, Simple for you to install in your chosen place, the amplifier must be installed in a dry area such as your loft or you can mount on your wall outside the bathroom or your chosen area.

These Kits are available up to 2 x speakers only, if you wish to install more speakers depending on the area you want to fill with sound, Larger commercial kits are available for the likes of indoor swimming pool areas where more speakers will be required to fill the room with sound.


Bose Ceiling Speakers – Not Bluetooth compatible – But worth a mention being the most powerful ceiling speaker option.

Bose Virtually invisible 791 two speaker package – these are the latest version from the 591 model,

Each speaker has one inter-grated 7 inch woofer and one x 1 inch tweeter which both deliver a high range sound across a wider range than your average speaker would ever deliver, very easy to install, also having magnetic grilles which are paint-able, including standard dog-leg clamps for easy installation,

It’s such a shame that Bose have yet to make a Bluetooth compatible ceiling mounted speaker, although they do have a range of Bose ceiling speakers we found none of them to have Bluetooth connectivity, once we do come across them, if ever, we will be the first to test and review them for you,

We recently published a Bose speakers comparison review which covers all types of Bose speakers from Bluetooth speakers to home theatre systems, including soundbars, docking stations and sound-touch models where we compared the features, prices and offer links to customer reviews for each and every model.

Wet-room Waterproof Bluetooth Ceiling speakers – IP44 Rated:

A very well made and nice looking modern Master speaker which has the ability to add another speaker via the unit’s built in connectors should you require another speaker as it’s really just fine as a single stand alone speaker, You will also find it’s easy to install and power up via mains power or hard wired from your existing light fitting.

It has a Built in amplifier so there’s no need for an external amplifier to power this speaker up, all you need to do is plug it in and its ready for you to play, it’s compatible with all smart devices as well as google home devices and the amazon echo.

It has an RCA input built in which allows you to plug in non Bluetooth devices such as a TV screen which will enable you to directly stream the music playing from your TV or use your existing stereo to playback.

Liven up your wet-room with this super sounding speaker which sounds great at low or high volumes, it delivers a nice crisp treble with a great sounding mid tone base which both compliment each other for what we think to be a perfect sound in a small space such as your wet-room.

Easily connect your smart phone or any Bluetooth devices from up to 10 metres away and play your favourite tracks while you relax.

Bose Wall Speakers – Bose virtually invisible 891 speakers in Black:

The outstanding performance of Bose`s virtually invisible speakers will certainly impress you and your guests with their sound quality, designed to fit in with any home decor type, easy to install with paint-able grille fronts to fit in with your decor, you will enjoy consistent – realistic sounds thanks to the articulated array speaker design which has a 17.8-cm woofer and two 2.5-cm tweeters  precisely positioned for ultimate sound quality, please see picture below.Bose wall speakersHigh-quality audio with stereo everywhere speaker performance, this particular design is for in-wall installation having rectangular grilles to fit in with your home decor, having stereo everywhere enables you to experience well balanced stereo sound across a large listening area unlike most other home audio speakers which only radiate sound in one direction.


System-line Bluetooth ceiling Speaker – 2 Pairs Bundle Package:

4 x ceiling speaker package
The system-line has touch screen and contact-less hand gesture control technology enabled on the amplifier which allows you to control the volume and mute settings even without touching the screen, You can easily connect these up to your TV using the socket provided for you on the in line jack socket located on the rear of the E50 amplifier.


The system has an impressive all round sound with a lovely sounding bass quality, Don’t be put off by the small size of the glossy amplifier which is provided with this kit as it certainly does the job you would expect much bigger amps, The quality of the music is clear on low or high volumes.


The kit can be installed into your walls or a kitchen cabinet or other cabinet you may have in mind such as the side of your wardrobe, or your ceiling which is really where they are meant to be installed but not a must, The a amplifier should be installed into your wall at a reachable height for ease of use, simply run the cables from the amplifier to the speakers and your done.

INSTALLATION TIP: when installing the unit into your ceiling you might want to consider muffling the sound to your upstairs rooms whilst you have cut out your holes, this can be done by simply stuffing some installation such as rock-wool acoustic installation into your ceiling void before you install the actual speakers, this will help block sound going to upper rooms above, you don’t want to wake the kids up with blaring music!

Compatibility & Pairing:

The unit runs on Bluetooth 2.1 which is compatible with Most suitable smart phones such as Samsung Apple, tablets, kindle, Lenovo laptops.

In The Box:

  • E50 Touch panel amplifier.
  • 4 x Speakers.
  • 2 x speaker cables – (7-Meters long each).
  • 1 x Power Cable – (5 Meters long).
  • 1 x Dry Lining Box.
  • 1 x Power Extension Cable.
  • 1 x Mounting Frame.

A good choice in high end speaker kits overall, A kit that punches above it’s weight in aspects a great system to review, there are now newer updated but more expensive models such as the E100 with built in DAB radio and remote control.

Polk Audio RC80i – Moisture Resistant Ceiling/Wall Speakers:

Designed for use in wet rooms, bathrooms, saunas or outside space such as fitting underneath your soffits for those summertime garden parties, constructed using quality rust resistant materials which will last for time out in the elements or inside a wet room, paintable grills where you can paint to match the colour of your ceiling or walls which makes them virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Wired connection which requires an amplifier to power, 2 way speakers deliver seamless imaging sound.

Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speakers (Pair, White)
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as of March 10, 2020 5:50 am

Wireless 6.5 Lithe Audio – Single Master Speaker:

One of these speaker is enough to blow you away when compared to some pairs of speakers we have tried out, this baby out shines them in base, sound quality and loudness, It’s typically expensive though you do get what you pay for we believe,

This comes as a master speaker stand alone, yet you can also purchase another slave speaker to go with it, it’s compatible with the amazon echo which is a great addition, it has a small switch on the side which switches it from stereo to mono which is very hand when playing different types of music as it produces different sound qualities upon switching which you will notice and set to your liking.

Set up is pretty simple, they come with an easy installation guide which you can follow quite easily, if you are struggling getting set up then read on further down this page where we help people in doing just that.

Its wireless range is up to approximately 10 meters, it works with all compatible devices such as smart devices, you can also hard wire the device using its RCA input which will allow you to play from your TV or your computer, it works with basically anything that is Bluetooth V4.0.

The unit is of very good quality made of kevlar and titanium, the front grilles are paintable to match your room, has an additional output to include another passive speaker to the unit.


Kit-sound Ovation Slim Soundbar Speaker – Add Some Extra Base To Your Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers By Hooking Up A Soundbar At The Same Time.

The kit-sound Ovation speaker has many functions to our advantage having Bluetooth, HDMI x2 inputs x1 output, AUX-in and optical audio cable, this unit is supplied with a wall mounting bracket if you wish to fix it to the wall, it looks just as good on the sideboard with its stylish but slim compact design, compatible with Smartphones like Apple – Samsung – HTC – i Pads – Androids and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Kitsound Ovation soundbar image

This slim stylish soundbar will completely fill any room with virtual surround sound, having 3 sound modes built in including, “music mode” – “movie mode” and “night mode”, wall mountable or sideboard, say goodbye to all those little speakers in home cinema surround kits, the kitsound packs out an impressive rich incredible sound and can replace all those unsightly cables with usual home cinema kits, making this soundbar the ultimate home audio solution, stream your movies on your television through with the HDMI input,connect your sky box / DVD Player Or Free view box, The perfect combination for home cinema surround.

For More Information on the kit-sound ovation slim soundbar And to See – 212 customer reviews

Budget Speakers Under £100:

Working on a budget to choose the right speakers for you?

This can be difficult for you to choose the right one for the budget you have set yourself out, our best buying tip would be for you to look at all customer reviews good and bad, also to look at how many products have been sold to find out the most popular ones with good feedback.

Installing Your Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers – FAQ’S:

Below we have put together the most frequently asked questions we get when it comes down to installing your speakers, in hope that this guide will help you get yourself up and running in no time at all.

Q. Do the speakers require an amplifier in order to power them up ?
A. In some cases the speakers will require an amplifier and should come in the box  – In other cases the amplifier is built into the speaker itself.

Q. Why do I require wires with my wireless speakers ?
A. All wireless systems will need a power source to run the speakers internal amplifiers.

Q. Are wireless speakers better than wired speakers ?
A. With wired speakers you will never experience any drop offs or glitches on connections, with wireless this may well happen occasionally from time to time.

Q. Is it possible to install them in a lath and plaster ceiling ?
A. It is possible yes, although you will have to be very careful in cutting out your hole, You may need to make good the ceiling later if it goes slightly wrong in cutting out your hole due to the design of the old lath and plaster.

Q. Can the speakers be used in the bathroom ?
A. Yes, Providing you buy the IP44 or IPX67 water resistant models, Try to also keep away from direct water for longer life expectancy.

Q. How do I connect power to the speakers ?
A. You can either connect to your ceiling rose light circuit or junction box from a ceiling spot light, OR use a mains power socket closest to the location you want the speaker located.

Watch the video below which will also help you to install your Bluetooth ceiling speakers:

We have another article on this website which covers how to connect Bluetooth devices which might also help you in getting set up,

We also recently covered what we think to be some of the best Bluetooth speakers of 2019, It is more of a buying guide covering the product features and all the pros and cons of each given product to help you in your buying cycle, we understand it can be difficult to choose with so many available on today’s market.

we will be updating this page with new Bluetooth ceiling speakers coming to market, please use the comment box below if you have any questions with regards to any of the products listed on this page, we will be more than happy to help you out.