Bluetooth Headphones For TV

Bluetooth Headphones for TV

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Purchasing a brand new expensive TV integrated with cutting-edge features is a satisfying experience. You put your hard-earned money into something you value the most as you love watching your favourite serial. The problem comes when people around you are disturbing due to the loud volume. I had been facing the same issue, I was addicted to watching TV late at night, and people near me were more than furious due to the loud volume.

So, what can be the possible solution that I could hear the dialogues properly without disturbing others around me?


Choosing the right headphones to suit you for watching TV can provide you the most comfortable viewing experience that you deserve without breaking your bank or upsetting those around you with a blaring television.

Being a novice back in the day, I could not figure out which brand to go with myself? I was not such an expert then, and had never been until I actually started using a pair of headphones for watching TV myself.

But the thing is, for most of the people who are wanting to purchase for the first time, it can be really tricky to decide which one to buy with so many different one’s to choose from.

We are here to help you with a list of top 3 best Bluetooth headphones for TV. Have a bird’s eye view of the list below and see what these headphones have to offer in term of quality, performance, and features.

Top 3 Best Bluetooth Headphones for TV 2019:

I have seen people ripping off their hair just because they purchased a brand new wireless headphone without checking the compatibility to the TV. You should always check the compatibility of the headphone to the TV before placing an order (on the remote control press home button-> select Settings-> Under the TV category select sound -> Under sound, check if A/V sync is available. (If it is your TV supports Bluetooth headphones).

If not, then you would need a Bluetooth transmitter to make the connection happen. But, I see today’s latest generation TVs come equipped with built-in Bluetooth.


1) Avantree 2018 HT-4189 Wireless Headphones for TV

Avantree HT-4189 wireless headphone is a great blend of top-notch features and great aesthetics.

The HT-4189 headphones are a bit of hybrid system; one can use the normal Bluetooth headphones or can connect to the transmitter

The headphones design is sophisticated and looks a little bulky. You feel extra comfortable wearing them. If you have been using them for a long time, you even feel relaxed having them.

Extremely easy to use, simply attach them, the procedure is not difficult at all, unlike most high-tech which takes a lot while turning-on. The transmission and the headphones paired up automatically when they are turned on. The pair offers ultimate flexibility and compatibility with any device with optical, AUX / 3.5mm or RCA audio out ports.

The model is covered with cushions and have very less space with the speakers, the sound never leaks from the headphones even if the volume is too high.

AUX cable whole is also present on the headphones, with availability of charging on the ear cups you can charge the ear cups easily (Do not charge the headphone when it’s turned on).

The HT-4189 come with a transmitter, which is simple to connect with a TV or computer enjoy any kind of music or video. The range is marvellous; you can listen to the music by putting headphones on to the 100-ft range.

The headphones are easy to fit adjust on the user’s head, you get a smooth relax while having on the head. You can use them for a long time, this is the reason users find this model attractive.

The Avantree front-runner is built in a way that they lower the noise coming from outside. The battery is amazing; you can listen to music for 20 hours with one charge without any problem.

The integration of Qualcomm chip-set has made it deliver sharp, vivid and crisp sound.

The Bluetooth works fine, unlike other counterparts, most of the reviews are positive and people have no complaints about the connectivity.

Intended for use with TV or PC without compromising on range in order to give it to the customer who wants versatility.


  • Easy to use controls
  • Quickly settle down with any of the device connected
  • Flexible and convince to attach with any device
  • Integrated with cutting edge technology to provide smoother synchronisation
  • The transmitter works smoothly even in the gap of 100-ft


  • The headphones are not such durable
  • They are bulky and take time to settle down
  • A transmitter comes with the headphones, if you lose the transmitter, you cannot hear or attach them on TV


2) Sony MDRRF811RK.CEK RF811 Home Wireless On-Ear Headphones

If you are hunting for something amazing in budget price range, Sony MDR-RF811RK is the perfect grab. Sony’s front runner headphone comes at a comparatively low price without cutting off the features. You can have this pair to watch TV without disturbing the people around you due to the loud volume.

The design of the Sony MDR-RF811RK is minimal, completely acceptable. They are made of plastics, extremely comfortable and feature the band to adjust the size of the listen. The features often seem skipped in most of the headphones are this price.

The beast renders optimum level fitting, with mobile pavilions which are best suited to the different heads and ears.
As I mentioned in the specifications, Sony MDR-RF811RK is integrated with the latest RF technology, which enables it to provide extended feet. You can have it signal up to 100 meters with two different transmission channels.
The batteries though take more than 16 hours to fully charge and can be used at least 13 continuous hours without any hiccup.

The connection this little gadget offers are optional uses. You can use it with different types of the audio source, not just with TV but with tablets, computers and other devices as well.
It comes with an input jack to connect the transmitter, a must value feature.

To give a clear sound and quality reception, these headphones are optimised solely for the TV to offer you the best design and testing that will make for a quality experience.


  • The fittings are highly appreciated, perfectly suited for different heads and ears
  • Extremely simple in using
  • Decent output quality
  • Isolates the outside noises


  • The audio quality is not an audiophile
  • The background noises accompany at low volume
  • The battery could have been improved

3) COWIN E7 Bluetooth Headphones:

In 2018, Cowin introduces its one of the finest product Cowin-E7 Bluetooth headphone. Cowin is a ranked brand in the headphone world and has been producing some of the best-selling products.

Cowin-E7 is a budget noise cancellation headphone with some of the excellent wireless range.

The model features one of the great battery life and shares good looking aesthetics. The design is great; Cowin has done some deep research while coming up with this model in the design aspect.

The model features thick-padded headbands to render optimum feeling more like a comfortable high-ended headphone.

The model is relatively lightweight, with soft padding on the ear cups and headband. The padding’s tend to reduce the outside noise often experienced by music enthusiasts.

The plastic used to build the headphones may come across as a cheap; this is where the model has to cut the price off.

The model is extremely stable and flexible to fit perfectly on all head and ear sizes. The headphone houses a 750-mAh battery, which can offer you continuous listening to the music as long as 18 hours.

You can connect the headphone to the Bluetooth or NFC connection. It shares a pretty good wireless range, with a regular audio cable. The model can be paired with any smartphone, computer, and tablet or with your TV due to its best Bluetooth connectivity.

If you look at the sound system, frankly it’s quite an average performance. They feature a deep and extended base, THD in the base shares a decent limit. This does not increase under heavy loads.


  • Impeccable battery life up to 24 hours
  • Less sound leakage
  • The ear pads are super soft and comfortable to the ears
  • Excellent wireless range
  • Budget headphones


    • Not the best sound performance
    • Not a product for the Gym wear
    • The bands do not extend far long


The Final Thought:

A Bluetooth headphone can be a nice addition to your music system or for watching TV. You need to be curious before placing an order, and see if the product checks all the boxes right.

We compiled the list just to help you out in choosing the best headphone for watching TV without distracting others around. Hope this list helps you and you find the best product according to your need and budget.

We look to update this list with newer products coming to market in the near future so be sure to check back.

If you think you know better products then please leave a comment in the box provided for you below, we will be happy to showcase your ideas on this page as long as the product you suggest is acceptable.