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Having tried and tested many other Bluetooth devices for sound quality, the Bose Bluetooth speakers are simply up there with some of the best without a shadow of a doubt, the sheer sound and build quality is outstanding compared to all the rest, that’s why we decided to compare all the Bose speakers on their own to help our readers choose whats best for them.

Although there are some good quality speakers out there at a fraction of the price of the Bose range, it’s a matter of how long these affordable units will last pumping out the music all day every day in whatever environment you have got them in, in our personal opinion the Bose units are the Duracell of all units out there, they do last longer and longer as they are built to last longer, buy quality and buy once only.

Bose Bluetooth Speakers:

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Bose virtually invisible 591 Ceiling speakers and 791:

Two of the latest brand new Bose ceiling speakers compared below, When it comes to finding a selection of new and second hand Bose ceiling speakers we find that Bose speakers on eBay has the most choice on offer.

Ceiling speakers are just a fantastic choice for any home or commercial shops such as restaurants and bars,

Even though Ceiling speakers may be a bit of a nightmare to install initially which is going to depend on your ceiling material type, the worst being lath and plaster to install, the best being plasterboard for an easy install,

Tip – a good tip is to try and avoid the ceiling joists when cutting out your holes for your speakers.

Having the ability to mount into the ceiling saves having a messy system hanging around somewhere gathering dust, in our opinion Bose units are expensive but they are certainly going to outlast most other speakers you will find in most cases.

The 591 Features:

  • One 5 Inch Woofer – 2 Strategically Positioned 3/4 inch” Tweeters For Balanced Sound In Wider Areas.
  • High Quality Full Range Performance That Outmatch Most Other Speakers.
  • Paintable Magnetic Grilles To Match Your Room Colour.
  • Standard Dog Leg Clamps For Easy Installation.
  • Dimensions – 20.60 x 10. 40 cm

The 791 Features – They Are a little Bit bigger In Size and Sound:

  • Features are the same as the 591 only bigger better sound.
  • One 7 inch Woofer – 2 x one inch tweeters.
  • Dimensions – 25.40 x 11.20 cm

NOTE – These speakers are not Bluetooth compatible, we have covered bluetooth ceiling speakers on another page on this website.

The Bose Sound-link Range

The sound-link just keeps evolving as Bose produce new models from pocket size to waterproof easy carry models, and models for the home space which all started with the famous sound-link mini carbon which is still a popular choice today being one of the most affordable options having all the build and sound qualities you would expect from Bose.



Bose Sound-touch Models wireless 10 – 20 – 30:

The Sound-touch models are again a lovely looking piece of kit available in black and white, they all have excellent sound quality at reasonable prices, although they do have their differences about them as you will see below in the comparison video below.

  • The main differences are size, sound, most important, the price.



Bose Companion Multimedia Systems

We suggest looking through the comparison chart below to see what you think, but based on our research and customer reviews we say the 2 series is a good affordable option, a great quality pair of speakers with excellent reviews that spell it out for you.



Bose Home Theatre systems:

Stand alone home theatre systems, turn your living room into a cinema style sound with these powerful systems that will pump out the sound in a way that you feel like you are actually there,

We compared the top three based on the most and the best customer reviews and sales made to date, there is slight differences between models but they are all up to what you would expect from Bose when it comes to the sound and the quality.



Bose Soundbars – Compared:

We compared two soundbars, first being the Bose solo 5 and the second being the Bose sound-touch 300 soundbar which is compatible with Alexa and Bluetooth enabled, That being said it is a bit on the pricey side compared to other models.

Soundbar 300 Video Review – Bluetooth and Alexa Compatible:



Bose Docking Stations – Compared:

We compared two docking stations on popularity, compared to other models made by Bose these two out shine the other models based on our research and based on average customer reviews.

The Bose sound-touch 20 series 111 has Bluetooth and wi fi built in, it’s also works with Alexa which in our view makes it the number one choice if you are looking for a Bose Bluetooth speaker system with all the extras you might not find with other models, see our comparison below.



That’s all for the comparison’s, we recently covered some of the best bluetooth speakers of 2018 and some of the best Bluetooth wireless headphones of 2018, some people just don’t understand how Bluetooth actually works so we also put together a guide on how to connect bluetooth devices.

Treating yourself to a new system is a delightful feeling once you are set up and running for the first time when you hear the quality of the sound pumping out, with Bose that sound is surely going to last you for years to come unlike other cheaper versions.

We hope you enjoyed our Bose speakers comparison review, We want to hear your thoughts ?

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