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Bowers Wilkins Speakers – 50 years of sound revolution:

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When it comes to great speakers, there are a lot on the market today. Rather than buying the first flashy device that comes across your eyes, it’s important to consider all of the latest gadgets that are not only attractive-looking but also, productive in delivering time after time. You may want to Consider the bowers Wilkins speakers, these devices are not only the latest and greatest in Bluetooth technology, but they demand your attention if you’re looking to upgrade your speaker system, or you’re simply looking to revolutionize the way you hear and experience your music or media.

Bluetooth Enabled  –  Bowers Wilkins Speakers:

  • Full-On Functionality  At Your Fingertips:

When it comes to speakers, consider those with full-on functionality. That means that regardless of the electronic devices you have in your arsenal, you can sync it up to your speaker and instantly enjoy your sounds whenever you want. Rather than relying on speakers that need wires or plugs,

Bluetooth allows you to listen and enjoy your music wherever and whenever you want, making it a must-have product for anyone looking to kick their sound to the next level.

Bluetooth allows you to listen and enjoy your music wherever and whenever you want, making it a must-have product for anyone looking to kick their sound to the next level. Compared to other speakers, the quality and clarity of B & W speakers are on a completely different level from more primitive and less sophisticated system.

  • Versatility and Diversity:

When it comes to theses speakers, another plus is the fact that there are so many different kinds of them. Rather than just having to rely on speakers that are unmounted or displaced, you can purchase wall speakers that are emplaced and attached to the wall.

It’s very important to understand that bowers Wilkins wall speakers are not only top-of-the-line, they are very versatile and diverse in terms of the forms they come in. This means that regardless of your intention or purpose, you can use these speakers wherever you please, whether it’s in the gym, the home, or even the car.

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  • Live and Enjoy Sound  On Another Level:

Compared to more rudimentary speaker systems, Bowers & Wilkins speakers are simply on another level in terms of how advanced they are. This ensures that you’ll not just be able to hear and live sounds, but you’ll experience it in such a visceral and phenomenal way that will ensure that you’ll never go back to listening to sound without your new speakers.


Zeppelin Speakers  Listen To Rich Quality Sound:

bowers wilkins zeppelin

Overall, if you’re looking for an amazing speaker system, whether it’s the bowers Wilkins zeppelin or some other system, you’re sure to have a one-of-a-kind speaker system which will enable you to hear your music on a different level altogether.

They may not be the most affordable range but you certainly get what you pay for with sound quality, available in black or white, simply place on your sideboard or mount on the wall with easy to install wall bracket which can also be purchased separately.

  • 50 years of sound revolution:

Bowers and Wilkins Headphones: P-3

B & W have been around for just over fifty years dating back to 1966, They have Bowers & Wilkins P3 On-Ear Headphonesmastered sound technology to the highest degree of acoustic fidelity, Award-winning wireless headphones in 2016 rated the best wireless headphones in the world,


Having models such as the P-3 to the P-9 which will range in price depending upon the pair that is going to suit you and your budget, the P-3 being the most popular purchase which is now available in black or white.


Take your sound to the next level, enjoy your music to the fullest degree with advanced acoustics, whatever device you want, speakers or headphones you will be guaranteed comfortable high-quality materials inside and out.

Bowers & Wilkins P3 On-Ear Headphones B&W - Black
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PX Wireless Headphones – With a Touch Of Gold:

The performance from these headphones is going to blow you off your seat for sure, superior looks having the gold touch with a crystal clear sound you are going to love, Adaptive noise cancelling so you can enjoy the perfect sound anywhere you go, This PX model has the same drivers as the P-9 Signature model which in turn will provide you with optimized listening performance so you will feel and hear the benefit with the rich fidelity of the loud, clear crisp sound the PX actually delivers.


bowers wilkins PX headphones


  • 22 Hour responsive smart battery – Rechargeable.
  • Responsive to user functions, sleep mode, instant play mode on pick up.
  • Connectivity Bluetooth – apt-XHD wireless.
  • Downloadable APP.
  •  Noise Canceling.
  • Folds Flat for Easy carrying and safe storage.
  • USB Input – 3.5mm stereo jack
  • 2 x 40mm Driver units.

Over ear unit with leather padding which feels very comfortable, having a ballistic nylon outer to the body of the earphone, these headphones will respond to you when you take them off, or put them on, by stopping the music, only to resume playback once you put them back on, auto pause feature responds to your actions whilst using them which can take some getting used to but it does work in a way that you never miss a beat.

simply take them off, put them down for the night and they will go into sleep mode automatically to ensure you save the battery life, the battery can last up to six months in sleep mode, not to forget the battery is going to last 22 hours from fully charged, it’s a neat bit of stylish kit in itself!

Whats In The Box:

  • 1 Pair Of PX Headphones.
  • Protective Pouch.
  • 1.2 meter TRS3 pole stereo – standard cable.
  • USB Cable A – C
Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Soft Gold
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p-7 Wireless Over Ear Headphones – Sound Quality In a Different League:

bowers wilkins p7 wireless speakers

Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones can be paired with all smart devices, just simply connect and play, we tested the wired version of these some time ago, in comparison these being completely wireless still have the capabilities with no drop offs,

The sound from these is in a different league altogether with further advanced acoustic apt-X Bluetooth technology which produces sound spectrum perfectly.


We have listened to many headphones in our time but nothing really touches these, the sheer sound quality literally blew us away, the P-7 Airplay is certainly in it’s own league when it comes to the sound, we expect you will also be blown away with the sound you get form the P-7,

The sound is extremely large and spacious, you can hear the breath taken by the singer in-between the words singing, very nice Mids, Highs and a bass that is nice but not over powering like some others in this type of class.


High quality materials crafted together to build the P-7 are exceptional in our view, the build and design of these are simply stunning, you will find the ear cups to be very comfortable with soft padding made of sheepskin leather which has a very soft comfort feeling to the skin, the adjustable headband contours to your face very nicely indeed without snagging wires just makes them even better.


  • Battery Life 17 hours – with wired input underneath the left ear cup for plug and play on none Bluetooth devices.
  • USB charging point – Also use your i-phone charger to charge the phones.
  • LED indicators to show battery life.
  • Quality sound you would expect from a wired headphone speaker.
  • Bluetooth range up to 20 feet away with no drop offs.
  • Stylish carry case.

Folding hinged ear cups made from polished aluminium with branding logo on the outer ear-piece look very stylish, east storage having fold inwards ear cups which you can store easily in the carry case provided with the P-7.

Three Button controls fitted to the right hand side ear cup which allow you to control the volume up and down, play and pause controls which also allow you to take telephone calls by simply pressing a button to take a call or end a call without taking off the headphones,

You can also skip tracks backwards or forwards using the pause/play buttons, pressing twice quickly to go forward, pressing three times quickly to skip backwards.

Phone Calls:

Taking calls on headphones has never been easier, simply press the play/pause button to take a call, to reject a call simply press and hold the play/pause button, once you take a call the music will automatically pause until your conversation is finished, the call for both users is just the same as taking it on your mobile with no echo or hard of hearing.

Pairing Devices:

Out of the box the headphones will need to be paired to whatever device you are using, this only has to be done once, after that the headphones will automatically pair to that device when turned on again,

We recently covered how to pair Bluetooth devices together to help our readers connect their devices.

To pair devices you need to slide the power button to the right and hold for 1 second, making sure Bluetooth is switched On – on your device, then hold the Bluetooth button on the headphones for 2 seconds ans select the P-7 on your mobile device to connect.

Whats In The Box:

  • P-7 Wireless Headphones x 1.
  • Unique Stylish Carry Case.
  • Universal Cable.






More affordable bowers Wilkins speakers including many rare units such as home HI-FI speakers, sub-woofers, vintage stereo speakers, Ceiling speakers, panorama soundbar,

New & Used or second hand refurbished models can be found on ebay at some very low prices compared to buying a brand new from the manufacturer.

Bowers wilkins speakers
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