How To Pair Bluetooth Devices

When you buy a new Bluetooth device such as a new speaker or a pair of headphones it can be difficult to get yourself up and running without the initial headache of working out how to pair Bluetooth devices together so we have created this simple guide to help you do just that.

How To Pair Bluetooth Devices

How To Pair Bluetooth Devices imageHow To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Your TV – Even If Your TV Doesn’t Have Bluetooth Capabilities:

First of all – You are going to need a Bluetooth transmitter to do this successfully, first you are going to want to turn on your transmitter and activate pairing mode by simply pressing the button located on the side of the device, a small flashing light in blue and red shows it’s in pairing mode,

Secondly – You will want to turn on your Bluetooth headphones which should automatically go into pairing mode showing a blue and red light flashing which shows it’s looking for a device to connect to, if the lights are not showing then you will need to hold down your Bluetooth button on your headphones for about seven seconds until the blue and red flashing light shows.

Once your devices are paired you should be seeing a solid blue light only.

Last step – You want to plug in your transmitter in to the headphone jack socket on your television.

You should now be set to play your television through your headphones with the ability to use the volume on your headphones and your TV for turning the volume up and down without annoying anybody else in your home.

Still not sure – Then watch the demo video below which should help you further:

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Phone – A few Simple Steps Will Have You Set Up In No Time:

The process is pretty much the same basic steps for all makes and models of Bluetooth speakers.

Step 1 – Turn on your Bluetooth speaker.

Step 2 – Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on – on your phone,

(You will want to do this within the settings area rather than swiping the screen if your on an apple device, the reason for this is because your going to want to press on the found speaker device to connect to it once your phone picks it up).

Step 3 – Hold down the Bluetooth button on your speaker for about 7 seconds, now watch your phone screen as it searches for the speaker device, once you see it on phone screen, press connect and wait for the bleep sound which indicates you are now connected and ready to play music from your phone straight through your speaker.

Step 4 – If all of the above fails then you will want to refer to the user manual that came with your speaker to see if there is any difference in the actual way your particular speaker connects, they are usually all the same.

Step 5 – ( Not Always Necessary) –  Some speakers will require a pass-code which is usually simple stuff like 1234 OR 0000, You will need to refer to your user manual to find the pass-code for your particular device.

Still Stuck ? Watch The Demo Video Below Which Will Further Help You Get Connected:

Connect Bluetooth Headphones – For iphone OR Android Devices:

Step 1 – Go to settings on your smart device- Press on Bluetooth – ( switch ON )

Step 2 – Locate the pairing button on your headphones and hold down to start pairing mode.

Step 3 – Watch the screen on your smart-phone until you see your headphone device appear and click on it to pair. (This should now display on you phone as connected)

Step 4 – Once pairing is complete, showing as connected – Start using your headphones with music from your phone.

Watch the demo video Below if you require further help to connect Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone:

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To a Laptop PC – The Easy Way:

Step 1 – You will need a USB Adapter dongle to do this the easy way.

step 2 – Plug in your Bluetooth Adapter to a USB port on your computer.

Step 3 – Wait for your computer to recognize the adapter device you just put in – this should show on the bottom of your screen, If not Go to your start Button Bottom left of your screen and search programs by typing in Bluetooth, you should find it that way.

Step 4 – Click on the Bluetooth icon displaying on your computer screen – This will search for Bluetooth devices.

Step 5  – Make sure to have your headphones in pairing mode by pressing and holding the pairing button down until your computer recognizes your headphones.

Step 6 – Click on your headphone device displayed on your computer screen and play your music.

watch the short demo video if you require more help to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PC:

How To Connect To Car Bluetooth – For Older Cars With No Bluetooth Functionality:

For this your going to need a transmitter device which is also going to allow you to take hands free calls whilst driving your car which is now the law and a much safer way to take calls,

The transmitter has a micro SD slot for you to play your saved music on if you wish, simply slide in your SD card to play your music when you decide you are bored with the radio channels whilst you are out travelling.

Also built in to the device are Bluetooth connectivity, Aux Port which enables you to listen using a wired connection, USB Ports which you can use to charge your mobile phone or plug an external device in such as a USB flash drive where you have music stored, just plug in and play your music.

Watch The video Below To See How It Works:


For Those Of You With Bluetooth Built In To Your Car Stereo – How To Connect up:

Newer cars generally come with bluetooth built in, often people don’t bother to use it due to it being to technical to set it up, It really is not that hard once you know how so we included the video below to help with your set up.


We have covered some areas of how to connect Bluetooth devices together, we will be updating this page with new tips in the near future, if you want to know about something we have not covered here then hit us up in the comment box provided for you below, we will be more than happy to help you out, Chow for now.

Updated – 5/5/2019

How To Pair Apple Airpods To Windows 10 Desktop:

This is a pretty simple process providing you have Bluetooth connectivity installed on you computer

Step 1 – Click on the windows start menu and choose settings which looks like a gear icon.

Step 2 – In settings menu, Click on devices, (Bluetooth, Printers, Mouse)

Step 3 – Turn Bluetooth ON by clicking the small button provided

Step 4 – Click on add Bluetooth or other device

Step 5 – On POP UP window click on Bluetooth option at the top of three options provided for you

Step 6 – Make sure your Airpod is turned on and discoverable by opening the case to see a small green solid light.

Step 7 – Press and hold the button on the back of the Airpod until you see a white blinking light, keep the case open

Step 8 – Go back to your computer screen to see if your Airpod has been recognised by your computer, this should display Airpod as the device, Click on that to enable pairing mode until you see your connected and your done.

Still Struggling To Connect ? Then Watch The Video Provided For You Below: