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Having tried and tested many other Bluetooth devices for sound quality, the Bose Bluetooth speakers are simply the best without a shadow of a doubt, the sheer sound and build quality is outstanding compared to all the rest, that's why we decided to compare Bose speakers on their own to help our readers choose whats best for them. Although there are some good quality speakers out there at a fraction of the price of the Bose range, it's a matter of how long these affordable units will last ...

bluetooth speakers

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Bluetooth Speakers Of 2019: Your never alone when you have a Bluetooth speaker to hand to listen to your favorite tracks on the go, simply charge your speaker up and its good to go for hours depending on the one you have as they all have different battery life to them, this is something you want to look out for when purchasing one for yourself, Our favorite being the Bose sound link 111 which after fully charged you can enjoy up to 7 hours of play time, This again will depend upon ...