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Bluetooth speakers in all shapes and sizes-makes-models like… Bose-Bolse-Anker-HMDX, and many more makes and models to look at here within our used-refurbished products page here,we also have many more products like headphones and docking stations in used and refurbished condition for you to browse here at your leisure today…

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Save yourself some money, instead of buying new, refurbished products are usually ex display products only much cheaper, also second hand models in very good condition from trusted sellers can also save you a lot of money for the same thing, these products may not come in the original box or may they have an instruction manual for them, but these days there is usually a good demo video to found on youtube which should help you out if that is the case for you.

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Do you recognize the Audi badge on the speaker grille?, that is because Bose sound systems have been put into Audi cars for many years now, if you have ever sat in an Audi and heard the system turned up then you will know where we are going with this… A very loud and crystal clear sound…

Although Bose are the most recognized brand in the industry for being the best money can buy, but there are also many other systems nowadays that also pack a punch for there price, with technology moving forward all the time, old dogs are learning new tricks…

We have many Bluetooth speakers and headphones here for you to take a look at, being used & refurbished products you may well save some money for the top brands like used Bose soundlink speakers here today, if you are just looking to find a cheap and cheer full device then you are pretty sure to find it here today…

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Please take a look at a range of fantastic range of Used & Refurbished Bose wireless Bluetooth speakers at great prices for you to make great savings on right here


Different Makes And Models/New Makes:

Here is a few popular make`s…best sellers with excellent customer reviews, these are all available in new-used-refurbished condition,upon viewing them do look out for the used units as you may well save yourself some money, please note stock does change daily and used units are not always available on every item always but in most cases if that is what you are looking for you will be sure to find it or a very good alternative…

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  • Bolse…
  • Bose…
  • Tecevo…
  • Tio Tronics…
  • Easy Acc…
  • Caseflex…
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  • Anker…
  • KitSound…
  • JBL…
  • HMDX…
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  • Sony…
  • JBL…
  • Sumvision…
  • Uber Audio…



Outdoor Waterproof Speakers:

Lets be honest we all love the outdoors, whether its in the garden, on the beach, wherever you are these days outdoor waterproof speakers come in handy, are you a camper? fisherman?- or do you like listening to music whilst you are in the shower or bath? lets face it… these things can be taken anywhere…

Although let me point out they are NOT made to throw in the water or listen to the music underwater, they with stand a fair amount of water but are not physically made to be put in water and left there over time, when dropped in water then taken out then all is fine the same as if left in the rain it will be fine again…point being do NOT leave in deep water.

There is a fair range of waterproof speakers around on today’s market, they come in all shapes and sizes-colors, they also come with different prices and sound quality, you know what they say” you get what you pay for” BUT there is some really smaller cheaper units that also pump out a quality sound for the price right here

Buy It Now / Make Offer / Bids / Auctions:

Having the fantastic option to be working in partnership with Ebay who have thousands even millions of products on offer for sale every single day, with new things coming in on a daily basis, having simple buy it now auctions with the option to make offers in some cases, otherwise we have live bidding auctions down to the last second…

Ebay having thousands of trusted sellers who have been trading many years now,us working with Ebay partnership network are simply able to track these great sellers down and put them right in front of our customers in order for them to find great deals, most trusted sellers use safe method of payment which is usually the pay-pal method to check out as most have free delivery on smaller packages.

Please Take a look and see what great deals you can find on


Used & Refurbished Bose Headphones And Earphones:

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Are you looking for top quality headphones but don’t want to pay the high price tag they come with? then you are most certainly in the right place to see some great bargains on your most wanted products at very reasonable prices that you cant afford to miss out on here today.


Used & Refurbished Beats By Dr Dre Headphones And Earphones:

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Beats by Dr-Dre have a family of headphones and earphones made for music lovers looking for that high definition of sound quality, in many different designs looking as good as they sound, some designs having a unique folding system which are perfect for those on the go and easy to pack away, perfect crisp clear sound with deep base serving you with crystal clear “highs” and perfect sounding “lows” in high definition making the music sound the way it should sound.

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There are many styles and colors to choose from in the beats By Dr-Dre range which are stylish and very comfortable to wear for longer periods of time,many having in line control for adjusting the volume, skipping songs and even taking phone calls at your convenience from the cord of your headphones.

If You Are Looking For Beats By Dre At An Affordable Price Then Please See More Used Beats Headphones Here

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